On the 22nd of March staff from the Public Health System of Asturias attended the XLI Annual Spanish Mental Health Nursing Congress for presenting the work of coach performed by the mental health nurse specialist in CARE4DIABETES.  The congress was held in Merida with almost a thousand of participants registered.

Mental health nursing specialists play a key role in sleep and relaxation, two pillars of the CARE4DIABETES programme. These professionals offer tools to manage stress and promote restful sleep, with an emphasis on relaxation and the importance of physiological rest, essential aspects of DM2 care. These also supports behavioural change from intrinsic motivation to self-care empowerment, facilitating goal setting, lasting changed habits, and overcoming barriers. The interrelationship between the four pillars of the programme (nutrition, physical activity, rest and relaxation) is key, as improvement in one positively affects the others. 

Additional information: https://www.congresoaeesme.com/