WP1 Project management and coordination

D1.1 – Management & Coordination plan

D1.2 – FAIR Data Management Plan

WP2 Communication and dissemination

D2.1 – Dissemination strategy

D2.2 – Project website

D2.3 – Dissemination & communication outcomes report

WP3 Evaluation

D3.1 – Monitoring and Evaluation Plan

D3.2 – Interim impact evaluation report

D3.3 – Final impact evaluation report

WP4 Sustainability

D4.1 – CARE4DIABETES plan for sustainability

WP5 Preparatory actions

D5.1 – Best practice and situation analysis

D5.2 – Country implementation plans

D5.3 – Guidelines for online systems and platforms

WP6 Phase I implementation (capacity building oriented)

D6.1 – Train-the-trainers action report

D6.2 – Report on Phase I intensive programme

WP7 Phase II implementation (after-care oriented)

D7.1 – Report on Phase II aftercare activities

D7.2 – Intervention’s assessment

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