The main objective of the CARE4DIABETES Joint Action (JA) is to improve and foster health in the EU Member States by reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes and related risk factors, both at societal and personal level, through effective lifestyle treatment programmes of patients.

The expected outcomes are to increase patients’ health and quality of life, reduce healthcare associated costs, and promote capacity building of health systems towards more innovative and integrated type 2 diabetes interventions based on patients’ lifestyle changes.

The Joint Action will be aimed at transferring and implementing an identified best practice across 12 Member States. The best practice is an evidence-based, reimbursed Dutch lifestyle treatment programme for type 2 diabetes, named Reverse Diabetes2 Now and developed by the NGO Voeding Leeft in the Netherlands. Its rationale lies in the promotion of lifestyle changes that can bring improved quality of life in people with type 2 diabetes and healthier blood glucose levels with potential lower medication consumption.

The Joint Action pilot actions will be implemented, monitored, and evaluated in 12 Member States by involving approx. 860 patients and up to 120 healthcare professionals. Building on the outcomes of the pilot actions’ experiences, the Joint Action partners will focus on sustainability for the long-term transfer of the best practice in their countries.

CARE4DIABETES has a strong policy relevance, as it has the potential to support Member States to promote new evidence based policies and actions on patient empowerment, health promotion in people with type 2 diabetes, and costeffective management of the disease, while improving the efficiency of health investments.