The JA will combine the transfer and implementation of the selected best practice with the support given to Competent Authorities, policy makers, and other relevant organisations for the long-term sustainability of CARE4DIABETES pilot interventions.

The first step in this process will be identifying and assessing the transferability of a best practice intervention, which represent key preliminary steps to the implementation process.

Once an intervention has been identified as best practice and appropriate for transfer, the following step is to implement it in a new target setting. Laying out a formal implementation process is crucial given successful public health interventions rely on coordinated interactions between many people, tools, and processes. Finally, intervention monitoring and evaluations will be key to understand whether it is successful and should therefore be continued and scaled-up, or if the intervention needs to be amended or even cancelled.

To achieve successful practice implementation, the project methodology is built around 3 core interconnected milestones, which are reflected in the planned Work Packages (WPs):

  1. Knowledge framework, stakeholders’ engagement, and intervention’s preparation (WP5)
  2. CARE4DIABETES transfer to countries: Phase I (WP6) and Phase II implementation (WP7)
  3. Evaluation and sustainability (WP3 and WP4)