CARE4DIABETES (C4D): Reducing the burden of non-communicable diseases by providing a multidisciplinary lifestyle treatment intervention for type 2 diabetes

The overarching objective of the CARE4DIABETES Joint Action is to improve and foster health in the EU Member States by reducing the burden of type 2 diabetes and related risk factors, both at societal and personal level, through effective lifestyle treatment and training programmes.

The expected outcomes are to increase patients’ well-being and quality of life, reduce healthcare associated costs, and promote capacity building of health systems towards more innovative and integrated type 2 diabetes interventions based on lifestyle changes.

The focus will be on tangible transnational activities with a potential to trigger diabetes related policies in Member States with the prospective to improve health and socio-economic outcomes.

The Joint Action project will be aimed at transferring the identified best practice and implementable research results based to Member States’ contexts.

The rationale behind this programme – hereafter defined as “Best practice” – lies in the implementation of effective lifestyle treatment and training programmes, which can bring improved quality of life in people with type 2 diabetes and healthier blood glucose levels with potential lower medication consumption.

Using the knowledge and methodologies of implementation science, the Joint Action will support the transfer and implementation of the best practice via pilot actions in 13 EU Member States.

Healthcare professionals will be the key driving forces and “Protagonists” of the implementation of the innovation practice in their health systems.