Non-communicable diseases (NCDs), such as type 2 diabetes, represent major causes of disability, ill-health, health-related retirement, and premature death in the European Union (EU) and cause a considerable social and economic impact. To strengthen strategies for the treatment of diabetes and to further enhance sharing best practice among Member States, the EU4H Programme established a Joint Action grant under the thematic area of diabetes.

The Joint Action has a strong policy relevance as it has the potential to support Member States to promote the implementation of new evidence-based policies and actions on patients’ empowerment, health promotion in patients with type 2 diabetes and cost-effective management of the disease, while improving the efficiency of health investments.

The Joint Action relevance to the call and to EU & international priorities is that it will foster innovative practices that:

a) have the potential to reduce the health burden of type 2 diabetes by increasing the quality of life and extending life expectancy and

b) decrease the cost of usual type 2 diabetes management including medications and/or improve the outcomes for a given investment.

The Joint Action will build up and contribute to frame EU policies and innovative approaches for NCDs like type 2 diabetes in public health and healthcare systems.