Diabetes represents a significant challenge in Portugal, related to the high and increasing prevalence and incidence of type 2 diabetes.

Reversing diabetes is a challenge not only for people with diabetes but also for the teams of professionals involved in the Program Care4Diabetes.

In Portugal, 34 people with diabetes from 4 centres are involved.

During February, the first rounds of training took place. Participants at all centres expressed satisfaction, and guidance for behavioural changes was well received. Dietary changes were the most discussed and experienced with greater curiosity.

In March, the second sessions are underway. It has been with great satisfaction that people reported enjoying participating in the program. Overall, they are successfully implementing the necessary changes, leading to more stable and controlled blood glucose levels. The majority report weight loss and reduced abdominal circumference. Group cohesion is stronger among participants, dialogue is fluent, and the sharing of recipes and experiences is frequent.

Care4diabetes in Portugal is moving at a good pace and with satisfaction in the journey.