The first follow-up session, scheduled one month after the initial session, took place on March 5th in Athens. The session commenced with a brief review of key points discussed during the initial session. Delving deeper into the pathophysiology of diabetes, particularly insulin resistance, and emphasizing the importance of understanding and managing our condition, were focal points of the first part of this meeting. Before the break, participants were encouraged to reflect on their adherence to the previously discussed principles and were given the opportunity to engage with the trainers, providing valuable feedback.

The latter part of the session centered around identifying processed foods, guidance on making informed choices in supermarkets, and included a workshop on deciphering labels to recognize unhealthy ingredients and marketing strategies. Leading the session were Prof. Theodora Psaltopoulou (Internist, Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine EKPA) who heads the Alexandra team, and Prof. Stavroula (Lina) Pashou (Assistant Professor of Endocrinology EKPA), who presented the topics of the fist return day (1 month) of the Care4Diabetes project.

Additionally, participants from the 1st YPE Attica in Care4Diabetes, Ms. Fotini Tolika and Ms. Maria Agapiou, were present, alongside healthcare professionals from Alexandra Hospital, including Ms. Vasiliki Markasioti (Dietitian), Ms. Katerina Stefanaki (Endocrinologist), Ms. Paraskevi Kazakou (Endocrinologist),  Ms. Panagiota Zacharaki (Biologist), Mrs. Eleni Paraschou (Internal Medicine Resident), and Ms. Iro Kokkaliari (Nurse).