On 29-30 January, the first workshop meeting of the Care4Diabetes Polska programme took place.

During the intensive two-day meeting, patients qualified for the Care4Diabetes programme had the opportunity to talk to a team of experts (a doctor, psychologist, dietician, nurse) and receive valuable information about nutrition, physical activity, relaxation and sleep techniques.

On the first day, a team of experts focused on increasing knowledge about type 2 diabetes, learning how to measure blood glucose using a blood glucose meter, and a coaching session with a psychologist to help participants set goals to achieve in the programme. Topics such as good sleep habits and relaxation techniques were also discussed. Throughout the day, there were also meetings and individual consultations with a medical team.

The second day was dedicated to physical activity and nutritional principles in workshops on type 2 diabetes and nutrition, where participants learned the principles of proper meal composition. During the meeting, participants were also physically active outdoors and in group activities.

Throughout the meeting, meals were prepared for the participants based on a menu developed by experts from the Medical University of Warsaw.

The meeting was a success: a plan for the next month was drawn up and the group left satisfied and motivated to continue working together.

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