The Coordination Team of the European project CARE4DIABETES ( Ministry Of Health – Principality of Asturias(CSPA), Health Service Of The Principality of Asturias (Sespa), Foundation for he Promotion of Applied Scientific Research and Technology In Asturias (FICYT)) has been appointed by the Joint Action NFP4Health, together with other experts at European level, to train future coordinators of Joint Actions funded by the EU4Health Programme. Advice on administrative and financial issues for the coordination of the Joint Actions has been given during the session held in Brussels on 30 November 2023.

Inés Rey (FICYT)

The Joint Action NFP4Health, which is funded by the European Health Programme, EU4Health, and coordinated by the Italian Ministry of Health with the support of the ProMIS network, has set the ambitious goal of reinforcing the network of National Focal Points and creating sustainable actions to pursue the health objectives of 2021-2027.

The project started on the 1st of October 2021 and is set to last 40 months. Through the Joint Action, National Focal Points aim at providing equal opportunities to access the EU4Health programme and ensure the complementarity of other regional, national and EU policies, funds and programmes.

In empowering the capacity of the NFP’s, the Joint Action has the objective of maximising the potential of their health fundings to increase the sustainability of the health systems. To reach these ambitious aims, it has set specific objectives ranging from helping health authorities orient to the European programs to aiding NFPs in building the skills and capacity to implement the EU4Health programme and its instruments.

The Joint Action also aims to aid the competent health authorities in creating a multi-programme approach within the framework of funding managed at national/regional/local level. The end results are expected to be manifestation of a common minimum standard that defines the role of the NFP, an increased sustainability of health systems, improved use of EU funding available and better use of the new areas and instruments of the EU4Health programme. The Joint Action NFP4Health offers an innovative ecosystem to facilitate and support European countries in achieving the priorities of the health objectives set for the period 2021-2027.