The session commenced with participants giving insightful feedback to the trainers about their progress and their experiences since the beginning of the 6-month intensive phase. Notably, most participants pointed out that the provided information about nutrition and T2DM pathophysiology, as well as the support they received from dieticians and physicians, inspired them to change their everyday lifestyle (e.g., avoiding carbohydrates for breakfast).

The 1st lecture of the session was delivered by Prof. Theodora Psaltopoulou (Internist, Professor of Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine, University of Athens/ EKPA) who heads the ALEXANDRA team. During this lecture, focus was given on the latest guidelines for nutrition and obesity. Participants were informed about obesity complications, the high correlation between T2DM and obesity as well as the importance of choosing the healthiest nutrients, in order to achieve weight loss and stabilize their blood glucose levels.

A 2nd lecture about the importance of exercise was delivered by Prof. Chrysanthopoulos (University of Athens/ EKPA). The main topics of this lecture were physiology of metabolism and exercise and the importance of exercise in optimizing blood glucose levels after meals in individuals with T2DM. Participants were also given a helpful demonstration of mild-activity exercises with simple, everyday tools (e.g., a chair) in order to keep active.

The session concluded with a lecture from Prof. Stavroula (Lina) Pashou (Assistant Professor of Endocrinology, University of Athens/ EKPA), about stress and its correlation with T2DM. The main topics of this lecture were: 1) chronic stress which may slow down metabolism, cause sleep disturbances and an irregular diet via hormone disruptions and 2) coping mechanisms for stress management in order to preserve a healthy lifestyle.

Additionally, Ms. Maria Agapiou, from the 1ST YPE team, was present, alongside healthcare professionals from ALEXANDRA Hospital, including Ms. Vasiliki Markasioti (Dietitian), Ms. Katerina Stefanaki (Endocrinologist), Ms. Paraskevi Kazakou (Endocrinologist), Ms. Panagiota Zacharaki (Biologist), Mrs. Eleni Paraschou (Internal Medicine Resident), and Ms. Iro Kokkaliari (Nurse).

The photos included in this message were taken by Prof. Paschou.